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A Real-Life Super Woman: Tracy Gregory Malone

Tracy Gregory Malone
Real-Life Super Woman

“A role model should be like the light at the end of a tunnel, guiding you when you are lost.”

- Cristina Imre

Real women need real role models. No, not the celebrities we follow on Instagram or the politicians we read about in our newsfeed, but actual women in the real world. We need role models that we can relate to; women that share similar experiences, encounter similar issues, and live similar lives. We need to not only acknowledge the women that overcome the obstacles we all face but celebrate their strength and courage. These are the women we see doing the impossible every day and motivating us to be the best versions of ourselves.

These are our role models.

More than likely, you have a name or two that comes to mind. Fortunately, I am surrounded by several incredible women that fit this description, including one in particular.

Meet Tracy Gregory Malone.

Tracy works for Lighting Trends in Knoxville, Tennessee in Specification Sales for Architects, Landscape Architects, and Interior Designers. As a NCIDQ and INDIIDA licensed Interior Designer by trade, her position with Lighting Trends allows her to focus on a specific area in her field in more detail and gives her the opportunity to grow in the Design Industry.

Due to her creative mind and “outside the box” perspective, the Design Industry was the perfect fit for Tracy. She’s tackled a wide range of projects and capitalized on multiple opportunities, including working with commercial firms, residential builders, and the hospitality industry. The diversity of her design portfolio gave her the experience and confidence necessary to become an independent consultant on a variety of jobs, both large and small. Her role at Lighting Trends allows her to expand her knowledge and skillset by assisting her peers on unique designs.

When I asked what motivated Tracy to be successful, she answered without hesitation:

“My family. As I’ve gotten older, the definition of success has morphed into different things. I am really happy to be in the season that I’m in. My focus is solely on my contribution to providing for them, protecting time with them, creating memories with them, and appreciating the quality time I have with them. My family defines my success.”

Since family is the most important aspect in Tracy’s life, I wanted to understand how she maintains that work/life balance. Many of us find that to be one of the most complicated issues when focusing on a career, but her answer was honest:

I struggle a lot with work/life balance, but it is always something I’m working towards. I believe it is SO important. You have to take time to yourself and that means personal growth investment. Time with your family and friends is important because you need to have that community to lean on, but you also must focus on your health. Without our health, inclusive of the mental, emotional, and physical aspects, we lose everything else.”

As for taking time for herself, Tracy has a few options that work for her. From hiking, boating, and swimming to taking long walks on the beach, she loves being outdoors. Her ultimate way to relax is in nature. In Tracy’s words,

Nature restores my soul and recharges me”.

As a successful and respected woman in her field, I wondered if she had any words of advice for those wanting to follow in her footsteps. Her answer:

I always wonder what I would have told a younger me. I often find myself in conversations with young women (both in my field and out) about the advice I would give them. I would say to focus more on the big picture and don't sweat the small stuff. Take chances when you are young because mistakes help you grow, and if you figure that out early, you will have plenty of time to pick up the pieces. Laugh at yourself and have fun. Give yourself GRACE to live fully and don't hesitate or worry too much about what others think because it will derail your confidence. Find your FAITH as it will forever ground you and humble you which is so important as you figure out who you are. Surround yourself with good people and get a pet that will love you unconditionally. Protect your integrity, be a good person, and stay true to your moral compass regardless of the circumstances.”

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