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Social Media: The New "Word of Mouth"

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

When talking to small business owners interested in marketing and expanding their business, many start off with "the majority of my business comes from word of mouth". 

This lets me know two things: 1. If you're receiving referrals, you're most likely good at what you do and have a solid reputation, and  2. Marketing may involve a lot more than what you think.

When someone says "word of mouth", that normally implies that your name/business was shared in a conversation as a possible solution to a specific problem. These typically casual conversations would take place on the phone or in person . With any luck, the information of the referred business would be passed along and the consumer in need would make contact. It was a great way to do things... before social media. 

The use of social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, changed the way the world interacts in many ways, including when it comes to business. With over 2 billion users on a single network, why not grow your business faster, smarter, and more efficiently? Why not spread the word about your purpose and have conversations about the solutions you offer with those who need it? 

Social Media is the new "word of mouth", especially for small businesses. With all of the analytics and data available on each network, you can reach your target audience with your marketing efforts more efficiently. The goal of marketing a small business is to reach as many people as you can while saving as much money as possible.

More people. Less money. Better Business. That's the Tiny Elephant Marketing way. 


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